Sky world Express (SWE) is a startup from a well experienced Team of more than 10 years in the International Express Courier and Logistics Service Industry. We have cooperated networks in major cities within Asia Pacific. SWE has a wide range of fulfilment solutions that cover a spectrum of service options and destinations. We can customize to suit your business needs. SWE offers competitive price, reliable, efficient, and express courier services through the nationwide and worldwide. we specializes in providing fast and prompt delivery of documents, small parcels, and heavy shipments. SWE became reliable express courier and logistics service among the others in Cambodia. We are now gearing up for providing specialized products and services to its discerning clients. At " SWE " we continuously strive to do best thing possible to our clients and tap all the loopholes, we want our clients to do their business and leave everything to us about their International Express Courier and Logistics Services.


SWE launched its first services in the Cambodia 2009. Through understanding customers various needs and in response to market changes we have become the independently express network in the glob providing flexible and reliable door to door services. With major gateways in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam ,Singapore. As a service provider, we believe that with our flexible business model we maintain a competitive advantage by providing our customers consistent, worldwide, door-to-door delivery. Our team carries out and keeps up its success by creating effective, reliable, and flexible solutions that meet the market current and future needs.


SWE has the mission of providing fast, reliable and unfailing quality services, where flexibility and non-standard solutions are combined to ensure customers' unique requirements are met. We rely on the added value of integrated communications with our network partners, customers and their clients where timeliness, speed, customization, feedback and quality are key elements.


We form the most flexible network worldwide to offer express courier and logistics services. With the vision of further growing the business, SWE continuously strives to enhance its rendered services by challenging its highly experienced and diversified workforce into adding that extra effort in everyday duties, which will strengthen our position, foster good working relationships.


SWE operational activities evolve around Innovation, Integrity, and Quality Service.Our people strongly believe in the significance of the more subtle set of values of Commitment, Dedication and understanding where our skilled, proactive, problem-solving-oriented and fast-moving workforce show the way towards success.