Air freight is fast and reliable service, we cooperated with our global network of agents to provide customers with a comprehensive range of import and export air freight services. We work in partnership with the world's airlines, operating around the clock to provide Air Freight services and carrying huge loads of cargo to every destination. We assure to handle all your shipments in accordance with your individual requirements. The services do not only revolve around cargo, but also offering you a whole range of extra services that will make transportation easier for you and your business. We are able to offer you flexible solutions in air freight at competitive prices. Customers can choose a variety of transport modes, such as direct flight, or transit according to different needs.

Air Freight customized and integrated solutions

Air Freight Forwarding (Door to Door) Service 
Air Freight Forwarding (Door to Airport) Service
 Customs Clearance / Customs Brokerage
 Air Freight Consolidation Service
 Air-Air Freight Transshipment Service
 Customs Import & Export Permit/Formalities

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