Providing flexible and reliable trucking service to move legal load across town, or across the country. Our in-house experienced team in the field of logistic is providing quality services to our clients. Starng from loading to unloading at the destination, and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit. even if the load is oversized or over-dimensional in nature, our logistic experts and technicians take care of the minute details to ensure the safety of the delivery at its destination and on time.


If you are in need of commercial or personal goods from any country (China,Vietnam,Thailand) to Cambodia, SWE is well equipped with the infrastructure and knowledge to safely collect your valuable goods from any location with our cooperated partner’s vehicles. Our dedicated hauliers and reliable service to ensure your goods are transported smoothly and can be tracked and monitored at every step.

Full truck Loading and Consolida on
 Door to Door Delivery Service
 Customs Import Permit/Formalities
 Customs Clearance at Border
Express Handling document

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